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With the 100% acquisition of Mineworx Technologies, Iberian Minerals has now entered a new paradigm in gold mining. The Mineworx unique and patent-pending HM X-tract portable extraction process and innovative new business model will see Iberian Minerals & Mineworx become a leader in mining technology.

We are focused on evaluating gold properties in the south western United States, where there are literally thousands of small to mid-sized gold mining opportunities for which the Mineworx technologies can advance projects for property owners who cannot advance their deposits due to financial, environmental or logistical reasons.

We presently have a short list of future properties in this region to begin working and will ramp up production of additional HM X-tract units, along with related new technologies in the mining industry, which we are presently working on at our fabrication facility in Coquitlam, British Columbia.

Mineworx is a leader in development of innovative mining technologies

Our Technologies

HM X-tract

Mineworx has developed a unique, patent pending mobile mining/extraction process and an innovative new business model for the precious metal mining sector. The combined water clarification and filtration technologies allow operators to recycle most of the process water used at a typical mine site.

HM X-leach

Mineworx is in late stage development on an eco-friendly, non-cyanide based leach extraction of precious and rare earth metals from ore and electronic waste (eWaste). Working out of our laboratory in Coquitlam, British Columbia, the HM X-leach proven (non-cyanide) based formulas have an effective recovery rate to 99%

HM X-mill

Mineworx is in the late stage development of a patent-pending eco-friendly, portable concentrator of mineral ores and extraction of precious metals at our fabrication facility in Coquitlam, British Columbia. The portable and modular designed HM X-mill requires no permanent structures or foundations, allowing access to remote locations.

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Sustainability and Environment

Environmentally Responsible

We recognize that mineral exploration and extraction will disturb the natural environment and local communities. Our responsibility is to conduct business in a manner that uses best practices and technologies to minimize the effects of our operation on the environment, to actively promote the sustainability of local communities, and to provide a safe workplace for our employees, contractors and visitors.

Reducing Outputs

Mine waste includes solid waste, mine water, and air particles, which can vary significantly in their composition and potential for environmental contamination. Mineworx is supporting research and development in technologies that: (i) Use cleaner production techniques (ii) Environmental control technologies (iii) Use waste as raw material, and (iv) Reduce the amount of waste produced through process re-engineering.

Reducing Inputs

Water is used in a number of applications at mine sites. By diverting surface water and pumping groundwater, mining operations can reduce both the quantity and quality of water available downstream for aquatic ecosystems and other industrial and municipal water users, especially in areas with arid climates. In response to water scarcity in many mining regions, Mineworx is working on developing technologies for innovative water conservation practices to help reduce water use.

Innovations that Respect Communities

Iberian Minerals and Mineworx is dedicated to partnering with local communities and businesses to contribute to their economic and institutional development.

Efficient Mining

Iberian Minerals and Mineworx are committed to supporting the sustainability of the natural environment, the people who rely on that environment and to ensuring the health and safety of our workforce and the communities in which we operate.

Restoring environmental function at mine sites

Mining is a relatively temporary activity, and mine sites have finite operating lives which are determined by the size and quality of the ore deposit being mined. Mine site reclamation and closure activities aim to restore land disturbed by mining activities to an acceptable state for re-use by people or ecosystems

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