Bob Moriarty’s Analysis of the Mineworx Gold Processing Technology

Bob Moriarty, founder and editor of offers his candid independent opinion and analysis of the Mineworx gold processing technology. Mr. Moriarty is one of the most respected authorities and experts in this space and has over 50,000 viewers to his website – 321gold per day. Bob has known the founder and president of Mineworx – Duane Nelson for over 10 years, dating back to Duane’s tenure as the CEO and co-founder of Silvermex, which was acquired by First Majestic Silver Corp in 2012 for $175 million.

As previously announced on December 22, 2015, Iberian Minerals acquired 100% of Mineworx, whereby Duane Nelson was appointed to the board of directors of Iberian and named president of Iberian’s wholly owned subsidiary – Mineworx.

Bob Moriarty recently attended Arizona twice to witness the Mineworx technology operate first hand. It is important to note that Mr. Moriarty is offering his own unsolicited opinion and received no compensation from Mineworx or Iberian Minerals to provide his analysis.

Here are some of Bob’s comments on the Mineworx technology:

  • “I literally saw some of the first material run through the machine and saw gold”
  • “They have come up with a complete system that consists of two parts – a front end recovery….and a water recovery system on the back end, so you can operate this anywhere in the world with hardly any water whatsoever.”
  • “We ran 10 to 15 tonnes of material, with a gram plus recovery, which has doubled to tripled since then.”
  • “What this technology does is offer a junior mining company with the ability to put a high grade gold deposit into production for less than the cost of a scoping study or a feasibility study……that is an absolute big game-changer all by itself”
  • “There is not only the ability to recover gold from a hard rock mine, you can also use this in a placer gold situation, allowing a junior miner to go into production for a few million dollars”
  • “I feel this is a big deal, I was pleased to hear about this technology 3 years ago, I was absolutely thrilled to see it 2 weeks ago and I am thrilled to see it today”
  • “I think Duane is on to something big”

To watch the interview in its entirety please see the video below:


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