Corporate Overview of Iberian Minerals with Mineworx

Iberian Minerals Ltd (TSX-V:IML) (OTCQB: SLDRF)

With the acquisition of 100% of Mineworx Technologies, Iberian Minerals has entered a new paradigm in gold mining. Mineworx has developed three unique and patent pending precious metal mining/extraction processes and an innovative new business model that will see Iberian Minerals become a leader in mining technology sector.


A unique, patent-pending, mobile mining/extraction process combined with an innovative business model for the precious metal sector. The combined water clarification and filtration system technologies allow operators to recycle most of the processed water used at a typical mine site.

  • Environmentally friendly mine processing is now a reality
  • Unique business model to seek out advanced-stage gold deposits to employ the HM X-tract
  • Partner with existing property owners to advance their deposits into profitable production in a timely manner
  • Two signed operating agreements on gold properties in place in Arizona
  • Additional operating agreements in south-western USA under negotiations
  • Accelerated production profile, enhancing profit potential, minimizing uncertainties of mine production
  • Over $3.5 Million invested in over 3 years to develop proprietary technologies
  • There are 100’s of mineral deposits and economic tailings opportunities across North America
  • Iberian Minerals, thru Mineworx is poised to capitalize on this under-served market.


Mineworx has developed a patent-pending, energy efficient mineral grinding mill. The HM X-mill is a transformation in grinding technologies, based on a proprietary, high-velocity, horizontal-rotary milling design. It is designed for the fine grinding or ores, and regrinding of concentrates and tailings, producing a consistend particle size with 100% of the ground material passing 100 mesh (150 micrometres)

The HM X-mill offers:

  • Lower capital costs: The small size and unique design of the HM X-Mill reduce its construction and installation costs relative to conventional mills. It is container based, eliminating the need for costly foundations and support infrastructure.
  • Lower operating costs: The energy efficiency of the HM X-Mill’s low horsepower requirement give it a low operating cost for its grinding duty.
  • Energy efficiency: The grinding method used in the HMX-Mill is more energy efficient than conventional ball mills, rod mills or high-pressure grinding rolls.
  • Portability and ease of installation: The HM X-Mill is container based and portable in nature, allowing access to remote installations and fast on-site set-up. This is a key consideration for short-term installations for the processing of smaller deposits or stockpiled ores.
  • Ease of maintenance: The design of the HM X-Mill makes all parts easy to access for ease of maintenance. High-wear parts are easily replaced. A team of two people can complete a rotor wear plate change within four hours.
  • Turnkey installation: The HM X-Mill is designed to be a component of the complete, modular turnkey portable milling circuit under design by Mineworx. This circuit includes crushing, grinding, sizing, gravity separation, flotation, concentration, clarification, water recycling, power generation, and operational service and support modules.


A patent-pending, environmentally friendly, non-cyanide-based leach formula for the extraction of precious metals from ores, concentrates, tailings and electronic waste (e-Waste). Independently tested by Met-Solve Laboratories, a respected hydrometallurgical testing facility in British Columbia. There is an increasing interest in finding new alternatives or improving previously tried processes. Numerous other chemicals have been tested to leach gold, and they include thiosulphate, thiocyanate, ammonia, bromine, chlorine, bisulphides and thiourea, but no one has come up with a more cost-effective and productive method than leaching with cyanide until now.


Iberian Minerals is additionally undertaking strategic alliances with its Spanish mineral assets, which feature past producing projects, excellent infrastructure and close proximity to rail, highways and deep sea ports in Spain.

Aroche Wollastonite Project

  • Iberian Minerals holds an option to purchase the Aroche Wollastonite project totalling 150 Ha, located in the province of Heulva, in southwestern Spain
  • Aroche has been permitted for the mining of marble since 1991 and is valid for 90 years
  • Since 1987 over €3 million (in todays value) of investigation has been completed on the property, establishing the presence of wollastonite. This historical data is available to Iberian Minerals
  • Iberian will be developing a work program to establish a potential economic wollastonite resource in conjuction with the historical data and make an application to the Spanish Mining Authorities to include the wollastonite in the current mining permit
  • The province of Heulva is one of the oldest mining districts in the world.

Cehegín Iron Ore Project

  • The project lies within a region of well-developed infrastructure with excellent logistics including hydro, water, and access to railway, highways and deep water port/facilities
  • Analysis of the historical production data suggests the project previously produced a premium product and exploration data indicates the tonnage of magnetite mineralisation realised could reasonably be expected to be in the range of 25 Mt to 30 Mt
  • Iberian Minerals plan to undertake a work programme to confirm and expand the mineralisation outlined by the historical drilling data
  • Work will be focused on establishing a compliant maiden resource through a programme of twinning existing holes combined with a wider regional exploration programme focused on previously untested areas within the project area